Green Coffee Systems

No More Lifting Heavy Bags of Green Coffee.

Green Coffee Systems

Affordable for Small and Medium Size Roasters.

Every roaster struggles to find ways to handle heavy green coffee bags without having to lift the bags.  It’s not just the potential injuries, it makes it more difficult to retain workers. We are committed to develope products that help solve this problem.

Modular Components that work together and grow with you.

You can start with a single origin system for under $12,000. Then you can grow over time to a fully automated system with dozens of origins both organic and inorganic. 


Batchers are sized so that each component can deliver the entire batch as a single origin batch. A one bag Batcher will be able to deliver one bag of each origin. Batchers are available for 1, 2, and 3 bags.


When Batchers are combined each origin is available at any time. A recipe can be delivered for multiple Batchers. For example, origin one and three can come from Batcher 1 and Origin 2 can come from Batcher 2.

When using both organic and inorganic coffee the batching systems must be separated. Two conveying lines are required when running both organic and inorganic coffee.

The batchers are constructed from food-grade stainless-steel. The standard controls are not suitable for wash-down. Water-tight controls can be ordered at additional cost.

Although we rate our batchers at .1 pound accuracy our test have been much better. All of our test have resulted in a variation of less than .05 pound.

Scale hopper

Manual Batching Scale

manual scale hoppers can be used for low volume batches or batches which require origins that are not in a Batcher. Currently, system software assumes you added the correct amounts. Scale hoppers are not connected to the system software.

Other loaders have a filter in the chamber above the roaster that may need to be cleaned several times a day. Our filter is a large bag filter on floor level. You will only need to clean it a few times a year. You won't have to climb up on the roaster to do it.

Distributive Controls

Each batcher can operate on its own with up to 20 recipes. All the controllers have built in communication capability to work together. A single recipe can be fulfilled by several batchers and delivered to a roaster. The loader and system valve controls have the same capability. All of the controls can be controlled by the central PC with remote access. Controllers and batchers can be added over time as needed.

The modular control system makes it possible to add as many batchers to the system as needed. The central PC has no practical limit to the number of batchers, roasters or recipes it can manage.

Schedule your roasts for the day and predict the usage of each origin. Make sure you have enough of each origin stored in the system to roast continuously for the day without interruption.

Create historical reports of the previous roast activity including blends, batches, and origin consumption.

The system is accessible via the internet from remote locations. You can schedule the roast at home or on the other side of the world. You can check on productivity at any time.

You can start with a single batcher for as little as $12,000. Then match your system as you grow to feed more and or bigger roasters. You can invest an affordable amount each year until your system is complete.

Modules are sold separately. Each module has unique features and may not have the features listed.

Coffee Storage Systems

Buckhorn Bin


MAC Resin Bin

150 - 1,200#

Bean Bin, Bag Breaker

1 - 2 Bags

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